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Club Payments Made Easy!

Increase Your Revenue and Donations

Using Our QR Code & “Button” Payment Processing System

As a non-profit organization, your desire is to seek ways to maximize your income and visibility to donors to support your cause. Whether processing payments in a virtual or physical location, by phone or mobile device, the need for credit card processing services to serve you members and donors is essential.

Our contactless QR Code based payment solution provides your non-profit organization with ultimate flexibility to accomplish its goals…And we provide these solutions at No cost to your Non-Profit Organization.

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Easy Payment Processing

Payment processing solutions designed for Nonprofit Organizations, Clubs and Social Groups.

Our “All Inclusive” Plan

Provides You With:

  • No Hardware Required
  • No Set-up Cost
  • No Cancellation Fees
  • No Transaction Fees
  • No Interchange Fees
    • No Statement Fees
    • No Hidden Fees
    • Online Portal
    • Real-Time Reporting
  • Superior 24/7/365 Customer Service
  • Why

    ”Clubs“ Need More Revenue

    Bathroom Remodel

    “Clubs” and Social Groups need more income. Many organizations and/or clubs receive income from memberships and events. Income generally comes in the form of cash and checks, as most can’t afford the ongoing cost of accepting credit cards.

    We provide solutions that require no investment in software or hardware to help you efficiently grow and mange your organization all at no cost to your non-profit.



    QR Codes & “Buttons”

    QRClubPAY is a QR Code and “Button” based, instant payment solution for Memberships, Bingo, Pancake Breakfasts, Dinners, Rummage Sales, Raffles, etc. It’s an easy and efficient way to collect donations to support a group or individual cause, as well as sell anything, all at no cost to non-profits.

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    Need Simple Way to Collect Payments 

    “Card” and “Other” payment methods are overtaking the use of cash in many cases. Managers and operators need simple solutions to collect payments for memberships, donations, and a way to process payments for products, services, Bingo, and other offerings. They also need to have full accountability for all financial transactions and deposits.


    “Hardware-Less” Processing

    “Hardware-Less” QR Code and “Clickable” payment processing for non-profit organizations and businesses can make the process of selling products, collecting payments at auctions/events and services, and/or receiving donations, all easier and with no cost to the non-profit.

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    Additional Benefits

    Direct Deposit — Easy Access to Funds

    Simplicity and efficiency are key aspects of our solutions. We are specialist in the payment processing industry.

    We offer each organization the option to either use their existing bank account, or open a bank account at our processing bank in which all transactions will be deposited, providing full accountability.

    Each account comes with a debit card for easy access to funds. We offer online, real time reporting of all transactions via our backoffice. Our solution provides for most credit card types, Apple and Google Pay, as well as ACH capabilities. We support email and/or SMS receipts.

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