Fundraising Platform Demo

QR Fundraising Platform Demo

Instructions for Demo

    • Click QR Code “Fundraising” Button
    • Enter Contact Information including correct “Cell Phone Number“ & “Email Address”
    • Choose from “Item Name” from Dropdown Menu
    • Enter Item Choice(s) and Quantity
    • Click “Add”

• Check the Boxes:

    • “I would like SMS Receipt”
    • “I’m not a robot”

• Click Proceed to Pay: (For demo only)

    • Enter Card Information:
      a) Credit Card No.: 4111111111111111 (Note: one 4 & fifteen 1’s)
      b) Expiration Date: 12/25
      c) CVV  Code: 999

• Click Process Payment

    • Receive a text message, as well as an Email with virtual and printable pdf receipts


    Payment Demo

    Click or Scan to Demo the
    Fundraising Payment Platform.

    When filling out the credit card info, use the card info provided in the instructions.

    Note: To access demo credit card info and payment form, open 2 browser windows to see both pages.

    Fundraising Platform Flow Chart

    Click for printable flyer